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Owner and designer, Kim Rithchie with designer Janet Iannaccone 
and former owner Liz Shiers

DESIGNER Kim Ritchie believes a successful design entails first listening to the client’s needs, then interpreting their dreams to ultimately bring their space to life.

With a degree in fashion design she believes that interiors are like fashion; Subject to the individual style of each client, while also incorporating good balance and proportions with the final touch of little details that finish the look for a truly custom appearance.


founded by Lisbeth Shiers in 1978, LISBETH'S, has been a fixture in Norwood center for over 38 years. Under the direction of its new owner Kim, Lisbeths is embarking on a fresh approach to home decorating. 

"We try to incorporate the newest materials and latest trends while still honoring the classic and timeless designs our clients love."

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